From fabrics to furniture to budgets to contractors to ......

It's been about eating sandwiches on the road. 

It's been about jumping from one meeting to another, from one end of the city to the other, 
from one motorway to the next. 

It's been about relying on notes to keep my thoughts in tact.

This is exactly what to need to keep me energised, keep me alive and most importantly to 
keep me going. I remember juggling two jobs + school in London. I lived for the exhaustion 
and I treasured that feeling bubbling within, that feeling of aim and accomplishment.
Sometimesjust the simple throb in your feet, the ache behind tired eyes, that pain in the lower
back, that breathlessness.

It's that rush, the adrenalin of pushing yourself to your complete limit.

This what I live for.

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