the girl in pink: a self portrait

For once, I have nothing bad to say about myself. 
I actually love these shots.  
And I'm not hiding behind a lens. Rather, I'm in front of it. 
Maybe it's because my face isn't on show. It's more about my emotion.
My body language. My mystery. My sensuality as a woman. 
Because in every woman, this exists. 
And I've allowed myself to believe that I can be that woman.

And this exercise has become my revelation of my bravery to accomplish self-portrait week.
I didn't think I could do it and love it.

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Aggie said...

i love this series! You are so beautiful!

Michel said...

Doing the PM class with you, love these portraits my favorite out of all I've seen totally inspiring. Beautiful writing as well I'll look forward to coming back to read more!

.rae. said...

thank you ladies....!

@michel looking forward to seeing you around here again soon, :)

E R I N said...

i love these!!! they are just gorgeous :)))))

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