There is a light, that shines, special for you, and me..

Sometimes when I'm sad, I just sit in my lounge and watch the sunshine bounce through my space. 
So when light came up as a subject for photo meditations this week, I could barely hold the excitement and waited for that moment the sun arrived.

It's just what I needed for that little bit of silence in my chaotic mind.
I'm glad I had time to watch that light shine into my space. 
It always has made me just that little bit happier.

... and of course, the cuteness of my son who wanted to be in every shot. So I gave him his moment.

                                                                                                                                                                   the light - common ft erykah badu

for photo meditations 2.2.
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Rhianne said...

these are beautiful, I wish I was at home when it was light now :) I hardly ever get to see my house like this

.rae. said...

Rhianne, I hope you catch it one day soon....

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