Carne Griffths

It's been awhile since I've posted any sort of inspiration on this blog, to be honest, my pregnant brain hasn't really been feeding off anything. And to be even more honest, everything has gone on standstill. My writing, my own art, my inspirations and everything else I could possibly think of. I'd like to believe babygirl is feeding it all as she lays in my belly, sucking up all possible remnants of my artistic soul. 

Perhaps she'll be an artist like me. Perhaps not. All I know is, I can't wait to meet her.

For now though, a little inspiration from Carne Griffiths has left a perfectly sweet taste in my mouth with his amazing pieces created with ink, tea, vodka, brandy ..... a wonderfully mystical collection of work, with his liquid streaks dripping down his paper to create an effect that works perfectly with his whole vision. His abstraction leaves one to only join him on his journey through his creative kingdom and envision his power of creating a path for others to enter through his world. 
I'm glad I found him, his art brings me joy in a time that I needed it most. 

More on his website, blog and Behance. You can also follow him on twitter @carnegriffiths 
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