. because i love amsterdam .

On my computer, I have a ‘because’ folder. These are all my files of things I like, just simply ‘because’ I like them. So I thought I would extend it out onto my blog, after all this blog is a collection of all the things I like, love and get inspired by. Why not share it? After all, it may inspire someone else.

I fall in love with a lot of cities but Amsterdam embraced me back.

Its beautiful, it’s serene, it’s creative, it’s crazy.

Coffee shops line every alley, art galleries trace the outskirts of the main strip,  bikes and trams configure every road and then the network of canals that outline these streets bring some sort of calmness to the city, even in the red light district. Every time I went, I closed my eyes and pictured myself living there. I would travel through the city on a bike, with a basket on the front of course, whisk through every canal and know every shortcut of the city. With my eyes closed, I could paint my life in anyway I wanted in that city and I would dream away on how it could have been there, and in a way, I’m glad that it’s all I have. Sometimes memories, photographs and  dreams  are a little bit better than reality. 


Some of my favourite memories were made in this city.

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