.he always makes everything okay.

There are days when things don’t fall into place. And there are days when nothing seems right. A cloud seems to hover over you and your shoulders are heavy with a load that you don’t have enough words to explain the depth of it. These days make me want to curl up in my bed and sleep the whole day.
Then he snaps me out of my numbness. He screams for attention, his extremely loud voice echoes the whole house.  His breathless laughter, his unknown babble, his little footsteps trotting around the wooden floors…. they make anyone want to get out of bed. How can you even resist this little boy’s charisma? He is my little boy. The one little person who takes a hold of my heart and wraps his tiny little hands around it to make everything okay.

And then I just smile, get out of bed and remember know that I am truly loved.
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