But words are things, and a small drop of ink ...

"But words are things, and a small drop of ink, 
Falling like dew, upon a thought, produces 
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.
                                                  - George Byron
I'm writing again. Not pressing keys beneath my fingertips. Not watching words move across the screen as they come through my head. Not seeing letters disappear one at a time with one delete button as I decide the line didn't make sense and wasn't even worth keeping on the screen.


Pen and ink.

Remnants of the blackness of the ink and a slight dent on my right ring finger from pressing too hard. 

Embossed paper, the depth of the letters causing a slight curl to the page.

 I trace my hand on the back of the page that was just written on and the familiarity of it all is overwhelming. Its the same feeling I get when I finish drawings, the same rush of emotions, the same creative satisfaction. And yet, my journal has been sitting on my shelf, untouched for a year. March 2011. That was my last entry. We are now into March of 2012 and my pages are still blank. Too many excuses, too little writing. That is an overpowering description of procrastination if you ask me. Either that or I made up to many excuses about not having the time to write. Perhaps I needed that time away, perhaps I needed to find the voice or perhaps I had nothing adequate to say. Or perhaps words weren't what I needed to focus on last year. 

Pen and ink. 

It's definitely essential for these elements to be a monumental part of my year.

 I know it.

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Pen said...

You write beautifully and I really felt the emotion you were talking about. I run my fingers across the back of the pages of my old journals, written hard in biro, and love the indents of the words poured out with such passion. I particularly love it when that familiar sense of creative inspiration still rushes over me occasionally...
Super excited to see more of your writings.

Miriam said...

Lovely! Its amazing how wonderful paper and pencil (my writing instrument of choice) feels after a long time away.

I love that top photo.

donnr said...

Such lovely photos and sentiments. There is something very satisfying about stepping away from the alptop and writing in a journal. I too love the feel of paper that has been written upon. Only yesterday, a friend and I were lamenting the lack of letter writing that happens these days.

Vanessa said...

I love the look of you blog! I'm happy you are writing again and sharing your creative pursuits in your lovely space!

thedoublelifeofmrsm said...

Such a sensuous description... It is so familiar: the tactile act of writing, the indents, the flow of ink, the letters that run freely on the days the words tumble out, the scraggly halting letters on the days every word fights against instinct and inhibitions... Keep writing! You have a lovely style !

Briana Morrison said...

Love, love, love this post!
I've been having a similar relationship with my journal over the last few years but this year I am determined to make it different, and so far, so good!
Good luck with your journaling. I'll be here cheering you on. :-)

Lis said...

Yes! You pulled me right into your world ... all my senses were engaged, memories jostled ... I find I spiral from medium to medium: written journals, art journals, photo books, blog writing and I feel like at that time my truth needed to find its way through that particular forum. So now I enjoy noticing the various seasons of my creative habits.
xo Lis

.rae. said...

I love that everyone feels that same connection with pen and ink + that my sentiments are shared with you all. :)

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