tropical tugs on my heartstrings

Sometimes when I miss London and ponder on the the reasons why I chose to leave to move back home, 
I think of our time spent outdoors where Cameron can run around playing in the
 football field behind my parents house.
Think about how we sit sipping our wine at the end of the day in the 
warmth of the tropical breeze.
I think of our summer that is fast approaching that allows us to look forward to a
 beach holiday on one of our 7,107 islands. 
I think of my quiet moments sat by the pool watching the sun creep behind the eucalyptus trees and the sound of the travelling palm swaying as it shades the strength of that intense sun.
 I think of days like yesterday where the clouds in the sky barely cover up the striking blue tint and 
the heat pounds down on my golden brown skin as I play football.
I think of how my city has its arms wide open for me, 
and how I must allow myself to fall  straight into its endearing embrace.
To remember all these reasons is the only way that I know that I chose the right path three years ago.

Ahhhh, okay fine. 
Maybe I need to persuade myself a little less because I know that really and truly, I chose correctly.
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