the girl with the bump

I'm not one to show off my body in bikinis to post online. 
I'm usually the one hiding behind someone so my legs aren't on show.
Or the one breathing in so much you would think I actually stopped breathing completely.
Or even the one who has mastered the shoulder pose to make my arms look skinnier.
But these photos.... 
Well, I'm not embarrassed nor am I even that tad bit ashamed of posting them here.
 In all honesty, I have never been prouder of my pregnant body. I'm not even that slightly embarrassed to share them because they are beautiful memories of who I was when I carried my little girl. What my body represented as my skin stretched to its utmost capacity.
 They are my memories of aches and pains, sleepless nights, my nine months between her and I. 
We shared that together. 
And I'd like to remember it  forever.

p h o t o s  b y:  h y l t o n  l e  r o u x

Peep this post for my first self-portrait post that I geared myself up to post online shot in the exact same space.
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