art inspiration : Meo, Watinee Paleebut

okay, so i've been a little under the weather .... but now there has been a little time to kickstart my inspiration folders again. i grieved for awhile now, grieved for my 'because' folders that were lost in the massive fry-up my hard drive decided to do. and now that i'm in the acceptance and moving forward stage., i'm beginning to love my computer again.

and what a way to start filling my folders up once again.

this artist from bangkok made my heart do a little dance when i first chanced upon her work through 'simply hue'. her illustration style is very girly, with her delicate lines (by now you must know i fall hard for delicacy), her pink hues and dark dramatic shadows. i love that she layers her curvy lines over hair, dramatizes lips with dark colour, but also how she mutes her lines in her fashion illustrations by using soft brush strokes for highlights and shadowing. i couldn't help but collect and save almost EVERY picture from her blog, me & a cup of hot chocolate .

i love it, i love her style and i love how she uses her illustration talent to sell scarves (which i would totally wear), postcards and even wrapping paper in her Etsy store

this chick knows how to work her talent and it's great. one of my favourites.

i needs to get me one of those beautiful scarves.

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galatea. said...

i loove this rae! gorgeous xx

.rae. said...

Cesca, she's wonderful isn't she!!!!

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