home is where my heart is.

 it's been a long time since i have felt like my house is my home and i don't share my private space that often. 

but for once since i've moved back home to manila, i can sit in my space, feel calm and know that it all feels right.

and on a perfect sunday morning like today, i can relax in a space that exists to keep my spirits high.

i like that this place exists in my life.

and i like that i am blessed and lucky enough to trust that I have somewhere to run to, somewhere to hide, somewhere to think, somewhere to spend quality time with my family, somewhere to be me..... 

so i thought there would be nothing wrong with sharing.....

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Mariella said...

your home looks beautiful Rae, it really gives a relaxing feeling :-)

.rae. said...

thanks Mariella. it really does calms me when i have a bad day. :D

hope you're well!

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