diana, oh diana.

Okay, so it's been a complete anti-climax and I'm finding it hard to hide my disappointment. Is that bad for a film newbie? Out of sixty shots, only five made my heart beat a little faster.

Perhaps I rely on instant results.
Or maybe it's the fact that I trust editing too much. Or that I have control over every single photograph with my iPhone or DSLR. Or that perhaps my relationship with digital is pretty much set in concrete.

With that said, I think its time I buy the next roll and keep on going.... Maybe next time I'll love ten out of sixty.

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Rhianne said...

its normal with the diana mini for the first roll to be uninspiring, it took me ages to fall in love with mine - it's a temperamental little thing.

Weirdly, film photography is all about control for me, it's just more restricted and you have to make sure the settings are right, the film is right and you've got enough light, especially with the diana mini - and then once you've made all the decisions, you just let it all go and trust the camera :)

galatea. said...

hey babe these are cool! the second one, especially is pretty abstract- i like x i know.. film is pretty upsetting sometimes. can you believe i wasted my first three rolls with my holga? (pure black) i thought it was broken and almost returned it, until i learned that i didn't even load it properly haha x you're gonna get good at it, i know it. and i can't wait to see more of your film side x

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