my two thousand and eleven

... I aimed to get a job but was left defeated and struggled to deal with the feeling of failure and 
disappointment when no one would hire me.
... I fell in love with old manila.
... I fell in love with instagram.
.... My husband took a risk and started his own catering company.
... I continued the struggle of trying to find my creative footsteps in Manila but found 
my fitness levels at a high with football and running.
... I saw my younger brother get engaged to the his ideal woman.
... I let go.
.... I sat with old friends in a West Hollywood cafe on a surreal Sunday in LA.
... My husband shot his pilot for his tv show.

... I fell in love with Mexico and the historic town of Guadalajara in just 13 hours. 
... I spent three days in Santa Monica, breathing in the ocean air, envisioning the rest of my 2011. 
... I bid my baby brother goodbye as he hopped on the plane to London to start the next part of his life.
.... But said hello to pushing onto new beginnings + pushing for new ventures.
.... I spent every week in LA for work, back and forth from Manila, allowing me to watch the 
world above the clouds more than I ever expected.
... I was hired for my first ever photography job to take photos of my city.
... I smiled at my goddaughter's first birthday but cried when they left the following week. 
... And cried even more when I realised my best friend was moving halfway across the world.
... I took Cameron to Hong Kong for the day and watched him wonder at being so high up in the air.
... I sought inspiration, sought answers. Struggled but tried to understand.
... Friendships were strengthened.
... I had a wonderful girls night in my last trip to LA for the year.
... I finally rode that cruiser down the coast of the LA beach. 
...I participated in my second August Break.
... Two contracts were signed for my design company in one day.
.... And this meant running around like there was no tomorrow.
... I finally felt like I was in my element, most especially in the hardhat and boots.
... I was in my first photoshoot with one my good friends.
... I finally felt like the universe was listening to me, just that little bit.
... my baby turned three.
... I went to my first real fashion show and sat in the second row.
... I got all dolled up for a fancy event.
... I went to my first Oktoberfest.
... I felt a defeat that I didn't expect, but challenged my pride and stepped up to defend 
... And in turn learned that you couldn't please everyone.
.... I joined Photo Meditations and learnt that self portraits can be so much more expressive and 
artistic than I could have ever imagined allowing my self-critic to shush it for awhile.
... I spent an evening with friends and a whole lot of grilled cheese for our grilled cheese showdown.
... I went to an Oktoberfest themed wedding.
.... Our catering company didn't expect the rush, the excitement, the exhaustion but 
we have been grateful for what came to us at the end of the year. 
... We had a wonderful Christmas.
... I stepped into my scary place and said yes to taking part of a drawing exhibit in January.
... And slowly I'm beginning to believe that my two thousand and twelve is one to look forward to.

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