And all it takes is saying yes.

Remember her?
She came into my life over a year ago and I hid her under a shelf when I had no desire to finish.

Two weeks ago, I said yes to participating in an exhibit with 46 other artists.
And all of a sudden, she resurfaced. All of a sudden, I was inspired to finish her.
All of a sudden last years goal of exhibiting my work is happening.

Things turn around when you least expect it you know, they really do.  Sometimes I just need to give
the universe a little more credit. And sometimes, it's just taking that kick in the ass by someone who
believes in you and saying yes.

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Mama Bear said...

beautiful beautiful drawing! You should be SO proud of yourself :) Glad you finished it. I should take your example and finish a few of my neglected pieces.

.rae. said...

@Alexa, thank you. It's been enlightening. :D And yes, you should definitely aim to finish them but get there when you are ready... you'll know when that time comes. :)

gianna said...

How come you never told me about your website love... Fantastic work! I see good things coming up for you for 1012! Love you

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